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 Miscellaneous Code:

- A simple but handy generic database routine. It supports all basic database calls like select queries, insert, update and delete by using the ADO Recordset Open method.

- A vbscript class for working with Byte Arrays. This is not so easy when using vbscript and classic ASP.

- Convert your web servers local time to UTC (GMT) time using jscript and the Session object, and then access it from vbscript.

- Create Valid Time Stamps to be used with RSS 2.0 And Atom 1.0 Feeds.

- Convert RFC822 date stamps (Mon, 27 Feb 2006 04:02:04 +0200) to your local web server time.

- What is the fastest way to build large strings with ASP? By string concatenation, response.write or by using a special designed vbscript class? This is a fast string builder class.

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