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 LogLog - Simple Web Analytics

Version 1.6


LogLog is a Web Analytics Tracking System, no nonsense, small and easy to use. It uses javascript on the client and transfers client data to a web server.

The following data can be logged:

  • Page visited
  • Visitor's Web Browser
  • Page Referrer
  • Detect Shockwave, Flash version, QuickTime, RealPlayer and Windows Media Player
  • Support for and version of Javascript
  • Are cookies enabled
  • Width, Height and Color Depth of screen
  • Platform and Operative System
  • Language defined by the browser and set by the OS
  • Date & Time visited
  • Visitors IP address

This script comes without fancy statistics, marketing reports and dynamic web interfaces equipped with cool 3-D J a v a graphs. Data is saved to a text file, that's it.

- But.. this script doesn't log the complete User Agent or *Java* or PDF or ..?

You can track and combine almost any type of information. In my opinion most of this is completely useless, at least for "normal" sites. This is mainly because the various browsers behave differently and therefor return useless data. Besides, you already know that 95% of your visitors are using Internet Explorer. If this one week drops to 94.9%, so what? Do you really care?

One thing that is potentially useful for most sites is counting page hits to let you know what pages or subjects your visitors find interesting. And of course, if you have commercial ads on your site, you would be interested in knowing what ads people click on. If you need to do this in a *professional* fashion, then search Google for "web site analytics". But again, most of the information the big service providers will give you, is useless crap. Just my 2 cents :-)


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