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 HTMLGraph - Create Nice Looking Web Charts With Classic ASP

Version 2.0


In order to display web charts you normally need access to software components installed on the server. These are not always available. With HTMLGraph you can display your data in nice looking bar charts, just by using Classic ASP and HTML. HTMLGraph consists of six vbscript classes creating six different chart types. Transform your boring databases into colorful web charts!

Live Demo

Examples: HTMLGraph in action.

Example code:

Dim oChart1

Set oChart1 = New cSingleVerticalChart

With oChart1
    .ChartTitle = "Page Hits May 2005"
    .FooterText = "FooterText: Edit style in HTMLGraph.css"
    .TableCaption = "Listing unique visitors"
    .BarWidth = 12
    .BarImage = "1x1_83C4FE.gif"
    .BarValueMode = 1
    .TotalsMode = 1
    .DisplayYGrafImage = "y100.gif"
    .DisplayAverageBar = "1x1navy.gif"
    .AddLegendText = "Total"
    .ShrinkFactor = 10

    If Not .AddData(m_arrData) Then Response.Write "Error Message: " & .ErrorMessage
    If Not .AddLabels(m_arrLabels) Then Response.Write "Error Message: " & .ErrorMessage
    If Not .CreateChart Then Response.Write "Error Message: " & .ErrorMessage
End With

Set oChart1 = Nothing

Upload the files to a folder on your web server and open the file start.asp in your browser.
Your server must support ASP (Active Server Pages).


  HTMLGraph ~ 80 KB

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