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 Some Old Classic ASP Code:

A small but gradually growing collection of Classic ASP applications. In fact its growing much more gradually than I originally thought :-|

I moved on to .Net several years ago, but this old code will have a permanent home here. I still love Classic ASP. It was productive!

Create a Tag Cloud with classic asp. Tag clouds offer a quick way of visualizing statistics. In this context, they tell you roughly how often a specific word appears in a text. This way you will know which topics are hot.

HTMLGraph. In order to display web charts you normally need access to software components installed on the server. With HTMLGraph you can display your data in nice looking bar charts using only Classic ASP.

ASPCalendar is a stylish web calendar with events. Add a slick event calendar to your blog or homepage!

LogLog is just another Web Site Tracking System, no nonsense, tiny and easy to use. Track your web visitors by inserting some javascript code into your pages.

cASPImage is a vbscript class that lets you read various image properties, including width, height and color depth. Supported file formats are PNG, GIF, BMP and JPG.

GIFInfo is an advanced vbscript class that lets you read image properties from GIF files. In addition to the more common features such as width, height and color depth, GIFInfo can also read invisible text hidden inside the image.

GIFText is another vbscript class that lets you write text to GIF images. The text will be invisible to the eye and ignored by software capable of displaying GIF images.

The Gif File Format - A Quick Reference For Classic ASP Programmers.

A Captcha solution built with CSS, javascript and Classic ASP.

A vbscript class for creating RSS 2.0 feeds with Classic ASP. This class implements all features described by the RSS2.0 documents. There is also a zipped demo application.

Create Atom 1.0 feeds with Classic ASP. This vbscript class implements most features described by the reference. Demo application.

A vbscript class for reading mp3 tags. This class supports all ID3 versions. There is also a zipped demo.

Create playlists for the XSPF Web Music Player. This player is flash-based and open source. I wrote a small script for this player that will list all mp3 files in a folder structure, and by point and click you can create a playlist in no time.

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